Best Houdini Tools for your 3D workflow
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These tools have become indispensable in my Houdini projects, finding their way into almost every aspect of my work. They offer a versatile toolkit that greatly enhances my workflow, allowing me to tackle a wide range of creative challenges with efficiency and precision. Whether I'm working on simulations, modeling, or visual effects, these tools consistently prove their value. They've become an integral part of my Houdini toolkit, making complex tasks feel more manageable and enabling me to bring my ideas to life with confidence.

Prism Pipeline
The Prism Pipeline streamlines file management and accelerates the production process, offering versatile iteration options for various aspects of your project.

Mops & Mops Plus
Best tool hands down for motion design. If you come from Cinema 4D you will feel right at home with this tool but with more power and flexibility.

QLib is a set of tools that upgraded versions of some of the Houdini native low-level nodes.

OD Tools
If I were to only pick on tool from this list, it would be OD Tools. I can't express how useful these tools are. From Asset library to automatic shader conversion to all most well-known Render engines. This one has something to offer for everyone.

SideFX Labs
When installing Houdini, you get the option to install SideFX labs. I always do. These are tools that have a little more love and make everyday use of Houdini much better.

Axiom Solver
If you are into Pyro FX this is the fastest Pyro solver on Houdini. If you got the graphics power for this is the tool to use.

Octane Render
Octane Render is by far my favorite Render hence it's why it's made it to this list.

KitBash3D Cargo
Cargo is a new plugin-in that is in the works for your Kitbash3D library. It connects and imports your purchased models straight into your DCC app with the proper shaders etc.

Modeler 2023
Amazing modeling plugin for Houdini. It gives you the interface and the feel of working destructively but while still maintaining everything procedural. You can feel free to model without worrying about your node setup.

Cache & Surf
This is one of the latest ones that made it to the list. But I figured its worth talking about. This is a nicely put together HDA that takes care of your simulation and Playbast previews for Houdini. While keeping everything organized into all your different iterations in folders easy to go back to. Very useful for FX artist.