Thin Line Between Revenge and Justice Credits

Creative Direction, Design, Animation
The Only Studioz
Creative Direction, Design, Animation

Antonio's world shattered when his beloved brother, Joshua, was kidnapped and held hostage by a ruthless criminal syndicate. Tragically, they took Joshua's life before a ransom could be paid. Consumed by grief and rage, Antonio received a taunting message from the criminals, daring him to seek revenge.

With a katana in hand, Antonio, a skilled martial swordsman, embarked on a perilous journey. He confronted the criminals, his blade swift and deadly. But as he looked into their eyes, he realized it wasn't vengeance he sought; it was justice. These criminals were a menace to society, and Antonio's mission transformed into a quest to make the world safer. In the end, justice prevailed, and the world became a better place without the darkness that had once gripped it.

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VFX and Title Design: Jorge Lega

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